Cupping in the comfort of your own home

Bellabaci is the name for modern cupping massage system for body and face, to be used by professionals and at home with unrivalled results.

Cupping therapy was widely used in ancient Egyptian, Chinese and Middle Eastern cultures. It helps stimulate blood circulation, activate lymphatic system, eliminate stagnation, intensify metabolism and dermal respiration, improve skin’s elasticity and boost muscle function.

Bellabaci has modernized this ancient cupping therapy and made it available for use at home safely and easily with professional results. As a pioneer in modern cupping massage therapy, Bellabaci creates hand squeezed silicone suction cups and formulates all natural fast-acting massage lotions of a superior quality, second to none. It addresses a wide range aliments from headaches, sinus congestion, wrinkles, cellulite to pains and aches, digestive discomfort, spider veins, stress and insomnia.

Bellabaci products, manufactured in South Africa, are now available for purchase in Australia at the online store: :

What people say about Bellabaci cups

Cupping therapy

Bellabaci Massage Cups: Start cupping at your home with the super easy to use hand-squeezed suction cups. Made of medical grade silicone materials in various sizes for body and face.

Bellabaci essential oil genies

Bellabaci Genies: 100% natural massage lotions uniquely formulated with virgin coconut oils, luxurious vegetal oils and aromatic oils to address sore muscles, abdominal concerns, ageing skin, circulation, stress and cellulite.

Bellabaci sports cupping

Bellabaci Sport Range: your best fitness companion. Available in three formulas to increase muscle endurance, relief post exercise discomfort and increase body’s natural healing abilities.

Bellabaci essential oil concentrates

Bellabaci Essential Concentrate Oils: In a 15ml glass dropper bottle for easy application, the 5 different blends of concentrates are a booster for Detox, Muscle Support, Renew (skin), Revive (balance), Deep Relax.

Bellbaci oil pulling

Cocobaci Oil Pulling Program: A perfect synergy of organic virgin coconut oil, oak bud extract and wildly crafted essential oils for teeth whitening and oral hygiene. See the difference in only 15 days. USDA certified organic.

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DIY Facial Cupping

DIY Cupping for Flabby Arms & Cellulite

Disclaimer: Cupping therapy should not be used to replace your medical treatments. Consult your medical doctor if you have any health concerns. Information on contraindications for cupping therapy and other products are available on